Stretching is good for you, especially at the office, where many office workers unconsciously tense up their muscles as they work away at their desks. My mom tells me you should get up at least once an hour to stretch your muscles and get some water. It’s also a good idea to look at distant objects so your eyes are not focused on the computer monitor for 8 hours a day straight.

Canadian Business understands the muscle strain faced by office workers across the country and published a helpful article in vol 84, iss 6. Try not to look at the pictures at first. Read the Neck stretch description and try to emulate. Then, compare your stretch with the image. Is your stretch up to snuff?

There, there… try the Shoulders stretch next.

You may find the Wrists, Hamstrings, Lower back stretches easier.



I found my Xanga blog and am amazed at the stuff I used to write about. I tried to be funny and entertaining and even threw in a few pictures taken on my trusty Canon 4 megapixel point & shoot.

Let’s keep up the tradition, shall we?